Jack, The Founder

July 19, 2019

Design the World Ahead is his motto. Innovator, tech entrepreneurand risk taker, Jack Lafortune is the CEO and Founder of JED Lab, anindependently-owned, branding and content company based in Montreal andToronto. Our focus is helping emerging brands and entreprenuerial brandshighlight their authentic voice by creating a story through strategy andpositioning, identity, website design, copy, packaging, advertising aswell as video, photo and virtual reality content.  As a team, wedevelop, create, and produce across all media platforms in an integrated,symbiotic and, hopefully, unexpected way. Since we offer in-house production,we have all the benefits of working as a creative agency and a productioncompany under one roof.  With clientslike Stikeman Elliott, Montreal Canadiens, L’Oreal Redken, Techo-Bloc, ThaiExpress, Scores Restaurants and Joseph Ribkoff.


After achieving an accelerated bachelor’s degree in ComputerScience from the Sherbrooke University in Canada, Jack quickly made his way tothe top of hierarchy and was a leader in his field in his early 20s. By the ageof 25, he was promoted to IT Director managing a team of senior contentmanagement developers for the aerospace company Pratt & Whitney Canada, andled the innovation department before launching JED Lab Media.


Creative problem solving is his passion as he created the firstautomated machine learning expert system of human resources management ofunionized employees, called the Layoff Simulation System right before 9/11. Acomplex algorithm that was crucial during decision making while cyclicaleconomic downturns occurred in the aviation industry. This system wasimmediately recognized as a success and was awarded the highest excellencecertification ACE GOLD for meeting the standards of improving, and sustainingquality and productivity throughout all of corporation. At this time, herapidly established himself as a rising talent in the field and was groomed formanagement positions early. After getting a decade of experience as aprogressing senior manager, Jack established JED Lab, after surviving the HaitiEarthquake in 2010. This pivotal moment had him realize that the world wasfacing greater issues. By vision, passion and hard work, he believes his ideascan change the world.


A man of action, he credits his success to an innate creativity,superior negotiating skills, and fearlessness in the face of adversity. Besidehis professional endeavors, he is a board member and spokesperson for theResidence Menard & Lafortune that helps mental health and schizophrenicsacross Quebec Province.


Please contact M. Jack Lafortune at the following email: press@jedlab.com or (514) 447-7900.


1 Place Ville Marie, 21st floor / Montreal, Quebec  H3B 2C6 / Canada


55 Washington St. / 5th Floor Brooklyn / NY 11201